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Glenn's Meredith Looks To The Future

The future looks very bright for Kier Meredith. The Glenn High senior, is busy finishing up his prep career with the Bobcats baseball team. He is currently ranked among the top five in

the Piedmont Triad 4-A Conference in six categories – batting (.443), slugging percentage (.714), runs (24), stolen bases (19), fielding percentage (.982), homers (2) and on-base percentage (.560). However, he’s keeping an eye on the upcoming Major League Baseball Draft which will be held June 12-14. Meredith, a speedy 5-10, 177-pound outfielder, is expected to be selected in the first three rounds of the draft. Meredith’s career at Glenn could end any day now. The Bobcats begin play in the Piedmont Triad 4-A tournament tonight. A loss would mean the end for Meredith and the Bobcats. ....More...


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Things won’t be the same at Hanes Hosiery Recreation Center after May 31.  That’s the date Art Blevins, a fixture in Winston-Salem Recreation sports, will officially retire from his position as Supervisor. Blevins has been an employees of the City of Winston-Salem for nearly 40 years and has coached and directed the lives of thousands of youth. Interestingly enough, Blevins’ life and mine are intertwined. We first met at the Red Shield Boys Club more than 50 years ago. We became close friends when the two of us were uprooted from our neighborhood schools of Anderson Jr. and Hill Jr. High during the first-year of forced busing in the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School system. .....More...


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Triad Sports Weekly is a local sports publication dedicated to providing information about the residents of Forsyth County who participate in, or have an interest in the lives of those who participate in, sports. We cover all levels of play - youth leagues, recreational leagues, high schools, colleges and professional sports. Our emphasis is on getting sports news affecting residents of this community to the people. Our motto is “local people, local stories”.


Triad Sports Weekly, which began as Triad Sports Report in December, 2005, currently prints 10,000 copies for our regular - weekly editions. For our Special Editions, such as the High School Football Edition, High School Basketball Edition, Super 25 All-County Football and Dazzling Dozen All-County Basketball editions we print 20,000 copies.


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Triad Sports Report is quickly becoming one of the county’s most well-read publications. To our readers - both young and old - the newspaper is like a breath of fresh air.  Our stories are usually up-beat and positive.  We focus on stories that are uplifting, inspiring and encouraging.  In today’s sports world, that is a welcome relief.  Our readers enjoy reading about young people who are making positive contributions in their communities and working hard to achieve academically and athletically. That’s why our issues are read from cover to cover.  Our advertisers benefit because our readers don’t skip over pages or stories.